Why you should hire a social media management company

Discover the main benefits of hiring a social media management company

Social media management has never been more important than it is now for a company or brand. These digital platforms are now a stage that dominates and influences the buying process of consumers.

According to a study by Marktest, more than half of the Portuguese who have an active account on social networks assume to follow the activity of companies and brands on social networks. This study also reveals that 37.6% of respondents say they have already bought some product through social networks, and this number has been growing over the years.

Despite the growing importance of these digital platforms, it is still difficult for companies and small businesses to implement a social media management strategy focused on growth, results, and the future.

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Doing social media management is something that goes beyond making posts. We must first understand what content will add value to our target audience, what image and identity the brand wants to follow, what content will lead to conversions and results, understand how the brand will stand out from the competition, how it will reach new audiences, and much more!

This work implies that one has to invest not only in specialized human resources but also in spending time. This is why most small and medium-sized businesses decide to hire social media management companies.

Here are the main advantages of hiring a social media management company:

1. specialized team

By hiring a social media management agency you will be getting access to professionals in the field with a wide and diverse experience. So you will have access to professionals who are ready to design and implement successful communication strategies.

2. Cost-benefit

With a single contract you will have access to a team of social media specialists, so you won’t have to allocate one or more HR to the function, while having access to more than one professional and their experience.

3. Strategic Thinking

You will have a team of specialists that will draw up a strategic plan taking into account the needs and objectives of your business. These plans will not only cover all channels but think about your sales funnel and your target audience.

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4. Creative and dynamic content

Creating impactful and original posts is not always easy, but with a social media manager this is no longer a problem. Creative, dynamic and original is one of the main defining characteristics of social media managers, who are always thinking outside the box.

5. Originality

Usually by having a social media management company you will also be getting access to a team of designers who are ready to create impactful and original content, without having to worry and waste resources in developing this content.

6. Always up to date with the news

Staying abreast of new developments on digital platforms, algorithm changes, and successful strategies is increasingly difficult as social media is constantly changing. So, by having a social media management company you will be ensuring that your brand will be up to date with new changes and trends.

7. Performance analysis

Communication agencies, just like you, want your result and brand to succeed, so they will not only outline a strategic plan, they will frequently analyze your results in order to adapt the plan according to what is or is not working, new developments, and your competition.

8. Consistency

With a social media management company you’ll not only ensure that posts go out consistently but at the times and days that you get the most activity.

9. You will gain time

By hiring a communications company you will be buying time to focus on your business. You no longer need to spend time strategizing, creating content, analyzing the competition, responding to posts, comments, and more.

10. Consulting

Don’t know what networks your business should have? Don’t know what to share? Don’t know how to activate Instagram shop? These and other questions will always be answered by social media professionals, who will not only answer your questions, but will also suggest successful strategies for your brand.

These are some of the benefits you will get from hiring a social media management company. Still have doubts? Talk here with us!

Helena Santos, Social Networking & SEO/SEM Manager

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