Why should you invest in social media ads?

Find out the importance of social media ads and why you need to start doing them now!

The popularity of social media has never been greater than it is now. From Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin to Tiktok more and more companies are betting on these communication channels.

Presence in these social networks now goes beyond publications and has become essential for companies, especially smaller ones, to invest in social media ads . This is because it will be social media advertising that will allow them to reach new audiences and increase their reach quickly, without having to invest the high amounts that traditional advertising media require.

While billboards and TV ads used to reach all kinds of people in a comprehensive way, now at a relatively low cost, companies are able through social media ads to reach their target audience and retarget theirs. You no longer have to spend a lot of money on those who have no interest in your brand, product or service, and can now channel that investment to the audience that really matters.

But these are just some of the benefits of why you should invest in social media ads. We leave you here the main ones:

1. Visibility

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By having a strong strategy in social media advertising you will be able to reach new audiences that have an interest in the same or similar products or services as yours. Not only will this increase the reach, followers, and interaction of your social networks, it will also generate more sales, as you will be communicating directly with your target audience.

2. Reach your target audience

As mentioned above, social media advertising will allow you to segment audiences based on their interests, interaction with your posts, website, and allows you to reach audiences similar to yours. So you will be investing in a super segmented communication according to your target audience, and reaching them through this digital content, in an impactful way that is often not achievable in traditional media.

3. Loyalty Conversion

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With social media ads you can create audiences based on the interaction they have had on your website, from people who have added to a cart, viewed a page, to people who have purchased. By having these audiences you will be able to segment them according to their position in the sales funnel and develop an advertising strategy focused on each of these audiences in order to lead to their conversion, but also to build loyalty among existing customers.

4. Measurement

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Unlike traditional advertising campaigns such as billboards, TV ads, and even flyers, social media campaigns are measurable, and you will have access to a set of data that measures exactly how successful your campaign was, and how many conversions it generated. So, with this data you will be able to understand what kind of communication works best for your target audience, and what kind of profile your audience has.

5. Cost-effective

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With social media ads you will be able to manage the cost of your advertising more effectively. While in traditional media you have a fixed, and often high, cost, here you will be able to raise and lower your budget depending on the performance of your ads, the audiences you want to reach, the times of the month, and much more! With only 2 eras you are already able to create social media advertising, so the cost is quite low!

Furthermore, the fact that you can segment your audiences allows you to optimize your advertising budget, because you will be investing only in the audiences you are interested in and not spending money on the general public that is not ready to buy your brand, product or service.

Having said these 5 great advantages of social media ads, are you ready to start investing in your brand and creating impactful social media ads? Talk to here with us and start your journey with our team of experts!


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