Tips to develop your personal portfolio

Every day, several young people and professionals (companies) are faced with the tough task of developing their portfolio. Sometimes it becomes complicated to achieve the best result, because we always find it difficult to do a self-evaluation of our best work.

A portfolio’s main purpose is to show the different competencies, qualifications, and experiences of our skills along our professional and personal path.

The physical portfolio has always been the most applied over a long time, as a more artistic and tactile way to show your work and evolution. Nowadays, with the progress of technology and the Internet, we are able to achieve results more economically and more quickly. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both formats.

Get to know:

Physical Portfolio


Enhanced tactile sense;

There is always control of your final destination;

Better communication in a face-to-face presentation;



Considerable monetary investment;

Possibility of loss or misplacement;

Hard to share.

Digital Portfolio


Quick access;

Easy to share;

Available online 24h;

Easy information management;

Reduced monetary investment;

Learning new tools;



Once assigned we do not control its destination/end use;

There is no tactile sense.

I hope these topics have helped you find the best way to build your portfolio optimized to your needs.

Carlos Mello, Creative Director & COO

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