Do you want to create social networks for your business? Do it(!), but with discretion.

Nowadays, betting on digital, with special emphasis on social networks, is essential for the growth of your business. But this digital presence must follow well-designed strategic planning. If you think that you can just create a page on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, make a few posts talking about your products and services and start seeing results, you are wrong.

5 aspects to take into account when choosing social networks for your business:

-Be where your target audience is!

When designing your marketing and communication strategy, defining a target audience, as well as creating different personas, is a key step. It is through this process that you will understand who you want your business to reach. And how do you reach these people? Being where they are.

So, for example, if you want to reach a younger audience that likes to consume visually appealing and simple content, it would probably be a good idea to bet on Instagram. If, on the other hand, you would also like to reach an older audience who values the textual component and likes to share their personal lives with friends, Facebook seems like the right choice for your business. You can (and in many cases should) use these two social networks to promote your business, as long as you pay attention to the specifics of each.

-Don’t just choose based on the number of users in each social network!

In Portugal, as is the case worldwide, Facebook continues to be the social network with the most users, but it has lost followers among the younger public, who frequent Instagram more frequently.

The size of the audience you can reach on each of these platforms is very significant, but this is not the only aspect to take into account – not least because mass communication stopped being a trend a long time ago…

Betting on social networks like Pinterest, which, despite its smaller number of users, has great potential, can generate very positive results for your brand. In this case, the fact that this is a social network used by a more restricted number of people can allow your company to reach niches that on the other more popular networks would be more difficult to reach.

-Each social network must have its own content strategy!

All social networks are not the same. Each one has its own particularities. Some are more appropriate for image and/or video content, others for text, some are more interactive than others, for example. So, if they are different from each other, the content must also be thought of according to the specificities of each one of them. The content and the way of communicating on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram are necessarily different. Besides the technical peculiarities of each of them – text predominance vs. image prominence -, also the audience of each of the networks is different, or at least the posture that the same person adopts in both social networks is different. Instagram is a more relaxed and aesthetic social network than LinkedIn, which is used for professional reasons.

By this I do not mean that you should not use the same content for multiple social networks – there are cases where this is possible and feasible – but be careful not to always post the same content on all networks. Use social media in such a way that they complement each other and not just as replicas.

-Bet on quality, not quantity!

A tip that applies not only to social networks themselves, but also to the content created for them. There is no point in having a Facebook page, another on Instagram, yet another on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, etc. if you are then not going to be able to create quality content to feed these social networks. It is better to choose two or three and work them well than to have five or six and the quality of the content leaves something to be desired. The “less is more” rule in its splendor.

You should look for solutions that will guarantee the quality you are looking for. You can either invest in your training and start developing new skills that will help you improve your content, or you can look for professionals to do this work for you.

-Choose social networks that allow you to interact with the public!

Everyone likes to receive attention. Social networks are a great opportunity to create a close relationship with your brand’s followers and increase the potential to make them customers and, if they already are, to build loyalty. Nurturing a good relationship with your followers is increasingly essential to the success of your business. So try to create content that has value to your audience (if it’s emotional value, even better), like and respond to comments on posts, reply to messages, and make yourself available to answer any questions your prospect has. This will make all the difference.

These are just a few points to keep in mind when choosing social media for your business. And don’t forget! In social networks, the big struggle is to gain the attention of your users. So make sure that your content will grab attention and will add value to your brand and your followers.

Bruno Carvalho, Copywriter

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