5 Reasons why you should create a website

Find out why you should invest in your business and create a website

Who has never heard the saying “Your company only exists if it is on the Internet?”, well, this saying has never been truer than it is now.

The world is becoming so digital that we can no longer live without the help of the Internet to solve our problems, needs, and doubts. More than just entertainment, the Internet has become an almost fundamental tool in our daily lives. Not only is it essential for companies to have a social media presence, it is of utmost importance to have a professional website, which goes beyond a page with contacts.

Despite this, there are still many Portuguese companies that still do not have a presence on the Internet through a professional website. For managers who still don’t know why they should invest as soon as possible in creating a website, here are 5 reasons:

1. Credibility and Trust

5 Reasons why you should create a website - DNA Agency

Having an online presence through a professional website, which indicates who the company is, its area of activity, address and contacts, not only allows people to know the company’s core, but also brings trust and credibility to those who search for it. While social media is important, a credible website gives more confidence to consumers who perceive your business as being serious.

2. Business open 24 hours a day

5 Reasons why you should create a website - ADNagency

Creating a website means that you will always be visible 24 hours a day to anyone searching for your brand or services/products. Whether it is an online store or simply a corporate website, having a website means that at any time people will be able to find information about the company, without having to go to the physical location or social media (which does not contain all the information about a business).

In addition, having contact forms allows you to receive requests for information 24 hours a day!

3. Ease of being found by the target audience

Find out why you should invest in your business and create a website - DNA AGENCY

A company that has a professional, SEO-friendly website is more likely to be found by people looking for the same or similar products or services.

So your website will be among the first results when someone searches for something that your business can answer in the search engines. It also allows your business to go beyond your geographical area.

4. Great cost benefit

5 Reasons why you should create a website - DNA agency Braga

Creating a website is not a cost but an investment. Although you will have to invest an initial amount in the creation of the website, after its creation you will only have to invest in its maintenance.

Furthermore, unlike a physical store that costs employees, rents, and energy costs (among others), maintaining a website has comparatively lower costs and allows you not only to be open 24 hours a day but to reach audiences beyond your geographic area.

5. Gathering valuable information

Why you should invest in your business and create a website - ADN AGENCY

A website not only allows you to collect information from those who visit it through contact forms, geographic data, understand which products are most visited, the searches they make on the website, as well as allow you to map these audiences in order to remarket to them on social networks and create similar audiences.

That is, by creating a website that is connected with Pixel you will be able to create audiences for the social media ads of people who visit your website, as well as create audiences similar to those who visit your websites.

Having said these 5 reasons to create a website, are you ready to create yours? Click here and talk to us! We are ready to create a website that fits your needs! See here our portfolio!

Helena Santos, Social Networking & SEO/SEM Manager

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