5 Advantages of hiring a marketing agency

Why you should hire a marketing agency as soon as possible!

In this digital age, in which we are witnessing growing consumer preference for digital content, it is extremely important that companies adapt to this new paradigm.

In a short period of time, companies have gone from only needing an informative website with their contacts, to a need to have content across all digital channels. From website, social media, email marketing to online stores, the bar for success both in the digital world and beyond depends on a number of interlocking factors that create a strong communication and growth strategy.

Despite this growing need for companies to master all offline and online communication tools, many Portuguese companies still lack the internal means to execute a solid, quality communication strategy. It is in this problem and lack of know how that digital marketing and communication agencies come in.

Here are the top 5 reasons why companies should opt for an external marketing agency:

1. they are the experts

Generally speaking, digital marketing and communication agencies are staffed by employees with extensive experience in the field and know-how. Your job is to lead your customers to success in their business and, therefore, bet not only on collaborators capable of mastering the various communication toolshow they bet on a constant training of its staff so that they are always up to date with the new gunpowder for success.

2. Diversified services and skills – Increased profitability

The fact that a marketing agency works with several clients, where each one has its own specificities, means that at its core they have a set of people with various skills, forming a 360º service that ranges from web design, social media management, online advertising specialists, programming and much more.

In a single service a marketing agency offers the equivalent of the work of six or more specialists. With them you no longer need to have a programmer for your website or be searching google on how to make online advertising more successful.

3. Gain an experiment on what works without having to test

When you use the services of a digital marketing agency, you are not only getting their 360° services, but also all the experience they have gained with their other clients. Composed of diverse clients in a variety of fields, digital marketing companies have a set of skills and strategic thinking that go beyond a company’s conventional marketing department.

Agencies are able to take ideas about what works for some clients for others and figure out what doesn’t. It also has a greater creativity and ability to think outside the box.

4. Specialists in managing time and costs

Most communication agencies work with retainers and hour packs for their clients. Their goal is to ensure that in the time you are paying them they can maximize the tasks performed and your results. They always seek to maximize their investment and allow companies to free up their human resources for other core business activities.

5. Detailed reports on the state of the nation

Focused on generating results for their clients, makes digital agencies expert at reporting on the progress and setbacks of all your business results. By having a digital marketing agency you will have access to detailed reports on what is working, what has to be improved, what each channel converts to, and even in-depth analysis on what is hindering your success and what has to be improved.

Now that we have mentioned the top 5 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency you can already make your decision and take your business to new heights. Still have doubts? We will answer all your questions, click HERE to talk with us!

Helena Santos, Social Networking & SEO/SEM Manager

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